Why have a social worker as your business consultant?

Social work is split into three different practice levels: micro, mezzo and macro. Micro typically consists of practice directly with individuals and/or families. Mezzo social work applies to practice on an intermediate scale: neighborhoods, institutions or smaller groups. Lastly, macro social work applies to practice on a large scale.

In addition to being trained in those practices, we (social workers) are trained to apply a multitude of interventions. Through an assessment and understanding the needs of the company, we are able to determine what types of interventions are needed. For example, solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing and problem solving therapy. We have the ability to obtain solutions by utilizing and implementing evidence-based practices.


Why choose me as your business consultant?

In addition to my Master’s Degree in Social Work, Bachelors Degree in Sociology; I also have ten years business experience. I understand what it is like to have to hire, employ and evaluate employees. I can relate to business from the different practice levels mentioned above: micro, mezzo and macro. I can offer my skills, expertise and a wealth of knowledge.

Services may include but are not limited to:

  • Lunch & Learn trainings

  • Group facilitator

  • Staff development

  • Program/curriculum development

  • Program evaluation

  • Team Building

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Increase success in business management


Fees depend on the service provided. Please call me to discuss and I am happy to provide you with a quote.